7 Sneaky Ways to Search For A Job When You Have One

Emily Moore

As someone who closed the deal on a new job fairly recently (thanks, Glassdoor!), I can attest firsthand — job seeking when you’re already employed is rough. The last thing you want to do when you get back from a long day at work is plunk down at your laptop to spend hours fine-tuning your resume, cranking out job applications and crafting tailored cover letters. Often, either your work performance suffers or your motivation to find a new position does. And that’s not even to mention the logistical nightmare of scheduling phone screens, in-person interviews and presentations when you work a full 9-to-5.

But finding a new job doesn’t have to feel like a full-time job. With a few adjustments to your process and habits, it’s entirely possible to avoid burnout (or getting caught by your current boss!). To reveal some of these job search hacks, we chatted with Alison Doyle, Job Search Expert for The Balance. Here are a handful of her top tips.

1. Tap Your Network

While it’s not impossible to get a job without a reference, it has been shown to increase the chances that a recruiter will take a look at your resume and, eventually, hire you. So when you first think about jumping ship, “start networking and let your connections know that you’re interested in exploring new opportunities. You may end up with a referral to a new position and not have to do much active job hunting,” Doyle says. If you don’t directly know anyone at your dream company, though, don’t despair — with the right message to the right contact, you can score an employee referral just by reaching out.

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