8 Ways to Build a Professional Reputation of Excellence Starting Today

Hannah Morgan

What people think and say about you when you aren't in the room is known as your reputation. And it matters a lot. You want the people you work with to perceive you as someone who cares about the work you do and the people you work with. It is up to you, each and every day, to bring the best version of yourself to work.

If you don't feel you are getting the recognition you deserve, try implementing some of these ideas today and see what happens.

Master your role. Before you are ready to take on new challenges, you must perform your job exceptionally well. That means more than just completing assigned tasks. You'll need to do your job exceptionally well. Performance and understanding of technical skills are only part of mastery. You must be able to prove you care about the work you do. This includes arriving to work on time, fully completing projects before the deadline and demonstrating emotional intelligence, which is your ability to understand and control your emotions and the emotions of other people. Don't overlook the importance of developing your self-awareness, empathy, motivation, self-regulation and social skills.

Champion a special project. Once you've mastered your current role, look for other opportunities within your organization to lead a special project. Large or small, every team has a project that ends up on the back burner due to time constraints or insufficient resources. Touch base with your manager first and ask if there is a postponed project you could help with.

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