Changing Job Search Behavior and What It Means for Employers

Elaine Orler

Finding the right talent has become a game of chance for some organizations. All too often, employers simply post their open positions to any or all job boards and hope that the right candidates will apply. But as anyone involved in talent acquisition knows, this strategy will ultimately result in hundreds of applicants, few of whom actually have the skills needed for the position.

While this approach may have worked 30 years ago, when newspaper classified ads were one of the only ways to connect with candidates, the current number of avenues for connecting with job seekers — and the speed with which they can apply — means that organizations must find a better way.

For a more effective method of recruiting the right candidates, it is important to understand the many ways in which the behaviors of candidates have changed in recent years. The reality is that candidates look for jobs in new and different ways, often depending on the type of position they are looking for and their level of experience. Posting every job in the same way, and waiting for responses from candidates who may never see the post, isn’t the right strategy. Instead, to ensure they connect with the right talent for each job, organizations must recognize how candidate job search behavior has changed and adapt their recruiting efforts accordingly. If not, the best talent may remain just out of reach.

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