Crafting the Perfect Job Ad

Roy Maurer

A well-written job posting is critical to finding the perfect candidate for an open position. The key is giving candidates the information they need to make the decision to apply.

“Your job ads matter. If you’re not focusing on job ads, you’re wasting your first impression,” said Chris Forman, CEO and founder of Appcast, a recruitment advertising technology company based in Lebanon, N.H. “There is a real relationship between what you call a job, how you describe a job and the amount of people that flow through your recruitment funnel.”

Job postings should turn passive job seekers into active applicants, said Matt Singer, vice president of marketing at Jobvite, a talent acquisition technology firm based in the San Francisco area.

“Based on our data, we see at best a 90 percent abandonment rate from careers pages and at worst a 96-97 percent rate, so you’re only going to get three to 10 visitors [out of 100] to your careers page actually applying for a job,” Singer said. “Even improving that rate by 1 percentage point will have a huge impact on the number of candidates you’re getting in the door.”

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