Dealing with unhappiness at work


Happiness at work has become an unavoidable subject, especially because for many years, the boundary between private and professional life has been more and more blurred. Every morning, we want to have a good and pleasant reason to go to work, we don’t want to go there walking backwards, as we usually spend half of our day at the office. You just want to have a smile on your face when you go there. Unfortunately, for some people, it is not the case. We will try to understand why we can feel unhappy at work and also how to remedy to bad conditions and unhappiness at work.

unhappiness at work

Why are we unhappy at work ?

We when choose a career path, we aspire to be happy and to do something we like everyday. Even though we know that careers have ups and downs, we want to get up everyday and come to a place where we feel appreciated, involved and recognized by the manager. But what happens when it is not the case? There can be many reasons, and you feel them when you talk with other people, with your family and there can be different levels of unhappiness, from depression to other dramatic causes… Unhappiness at work makes us less productive, less healthy and there can be consequences out of the office. An article of INC gives a list of the main reasons of unhappiness at work:

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