FDRsafety, LLC

FDRsafety, LLC
Franklin, TN 37067
United States

FDRsafety staffs on-site safety professionals for a wide variety of work environments throughout the United States and abroad, including construction, pipeline, manufacturing, oil and gas, steel and other heavy industry. We also staff on-site professionals for occupational health / industrial hygiene.
With our deep roots in the profession, we have established a large network of highly qualified safety professionals – people we can rely on with short notice.

SPEED: We have the industry’s fastest response time.

INDUSTRY LEADING EXPERTISE: By utilizing FDRsafety’s safety staffing services you will receive top-notch expertise.

PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT: Our experts in the field are supported by a team of safety professionals with the deepest knowledge in the business.

FULL-SERVICE: On-site safety professionals remain our employees to minimize the administrative burden on you. We handle all payroll and human resources matters. If he or she becomes ill, we quickly provide a substitute.

FDRSafety's Mission
FDRsafety distinguishes itself with the expertise and wide-ranging experience of its leaders and safety professionals. Our mission is simple: Assist our clients with smart plans and top-quality training and services to make their workplaces productive, safe and healthy.

We believe the safest, healthiest and most productive work environments are created when workers are motivated to “want to” be safe rather that feeling that they “have to.” We help companies build that thinking into their culture with our unique Attitude-Based Safety Culture Training program and other services.

Who we are
FDRsafety is headed by two nationally recognized, long-time leaders in workplace safety: Fred Rine and Jim Stanley.
Each has decades of experience improving occupational safety and health performance at companies of all sizes, including complex multi-billion-dollar, multinational organizations. FDRsafety can meet your needs for a wide range of safety and health services, including safety training, OSHA compliance, safety staffing, recruiting for permanent positions, and safety and health expert testimony.
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