How did they get that job :(

Mark Adams

We have all done it…sat around clutching our Asahi’s and Chardonnays quietly marvelling at how some of the most senior people we know “got that job”. I have no doubt that I have provided countless hours of riotous entertainment to many who have asked that very question about me…only to finally admit defeat and head off sadly into the night.

World class athletes have nowhere to hide. Coached, mentored, monitored, tested and tracked every second of the day their performance cannot slip. As the expectations of short-term performance climb faster and higher, the same is becoming true of business leaders.

In James Kerr’s book Legacy, he recounts All Black coach Steve Hansen as saying ‘Put your hand in a glass of water. Now take it out. That’s how hard it is to replace you.’ I often think about that quote and it’s a great antidote for arrogance.

How did I do it? My very first jobs were as a fast food restaurant cleaner and on the packing line in a dog food factory. I’m wicked with a mop and can pack chips and pies perfectly into cardboard boxes. It taught me to appreciate my opportunities and the people who have helped me ever since.

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