How Not To (And How To) List Education On Your Resume

Jennifer Broflowski

When listing your education provide the institution you attended, degree and your major(s). If you have multiple degrees, you should start with your most advanced degree then work your way down (Master’s – Bachelor’s – Associate’s). If you attended multiple schools in your quest for higher education, you only need to list the one you received your degree from.

The following are tips on how not to list education on your resume, which was prepared by resume editing service:

Mistake No.1.

You display at the top of page one all your degrees and schools including all courses you took, awards and certificates you received, and academic clubs you belonged to.

What to do instead?

  • Know and deliver what the new employer wants, not what you want;
  • Show you as experienced and mature (regardless of your age), and that you are ready to produce results your first day on the job. Put Education last on the page.
  • If your education matches the job posting, also list degree and major in Qualifications paragraph at the top of page one. Yes, strategically, when it’s called for, show your degree twice. Once in the Qualifications graph and more detail bottom of page 2.
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