How to Create Job Postings That Stand Out


In a good talent market, it’s important to boost your institution’s brand and show prospective hires why they should beat a path to your door. In today’s excruciatingly tight talent market, it’s absolutely mandatory. The race for qualified applicants is fierce, and your competitors are using every advantage they can: so should you.

It’s more than just the work – in an industry where jobs are plentiful, what breaks your facility away from the crowd? Is it cutting edge tech, a focus on compassionate care, a drive for successful outcomes? Your mission speaks to candidates if you translate it when you post for your opening. For those whose purpose aligns with yours, a match can lead to a successful, long-term hire.

Tempting talent

In busy metropolitan areas, attracting talent requires messaging that does more than outline the work being performed; it requires outlines the core values of your facility. It offers candidates insight into working with your institution, in addition to day-to-day duties. What overarching mission defines every task that’s performed – from the smallest detail to the most lofty aspirations – in your facility? Job postings that express these core tenets could entice top talent to apply with your facility, rather than the one across town.

In smaller markets, the challenge may be to attract talent from beyond your geographic region. Beyond the satisfaction of work well done, what might prompt a candidate to make the move? Could the promise of a less hectic, more patient-centric facility speaks to a job seeker who’s looking for a change? The message your job posting conveys could tempt candidates to look beyond the work and find a new home.

Messaging that attracts

Whatever the mission of your institution, message it clearly and prominently in every communication. From the smallest missive to the most complex, your mission shouldn’t be a dusty blurb pulled out to include in annual reports. It should be the driving force in everything you do. If you believe in your mission, look to hire those who will believe in it as well. Speak to their values as you look for talent that helps you achieve your goals.

For the work being performed

Don’t post a vacancy with a blurb at the end about your mission; interweave your values into every task outline. “Provide outstanding patient care” has become boilerplate that’s skimmed over. “Develops connections with patients and their caregivers to provide outstanding care” speaks to candidates looking for more than rote duties. “Strives to deliver care focused on compassion and patient need” entices those who seek a more empathetic environment. “Leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver 21st century care” attracts those who want to be caregivers of the future. Every task you perform should be driven by your mission. Make sure to translate that drive as often as possible in your posting.

For your place in the community

Your community benefits from your presence. In addition to patient care, you may promote outreach programming, volunteerism, community engagement. Promoting these efforts in job postings outlines your standing as a community partner. Job seekers are looking for more than a paycheck; they hope to find an employer that mirrors their values and principles. If you provide outreach or special services, make sure to post those. Even if they’re not directly related to the job seekers’ duties, an institution that goes above and beyond may speak to their own desire to do more.

Today’s job seeker has more choices than in decades. The tight talent market challenges healthcare providers to post more than a laundry list of duties and requirements. Talent knows what they can do for you – they know what values they hold. Job postings today must outline what you can do for them and provide insight into the values you hold. When your messaging is clear, you’ll attract talent whose vision for their career aligns exactly with your needs.

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