Job Boards Get Smarter

Dave Zielinski

Job boards remain a major source of quality candidates for employers, and as such it pays for recruiters to be smart consumers of the burgeoning number of boards at their disposal.

Job boards have long been a popular punching bag for the recruiting vanguard. The boards represent old technology, the recruiters’ mantra goes. They use outdated pricing models. They’re on their last legs, to be usurped by more-modern job search strategies.

But the reality is that some 150,000 general and niche boards exist in the United States alone, said Peter Weddle, CEO of TAtech, a trade association for the talent acquisition industry, and author of Weddle’s Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet (Weddle’s, 2013).

“Year after year, surveys show job boards are either the No. 1 or No. 2 source of external candidates for employers,” Weddle said.

The overall number of candidates using boards to find work has fallen, however, due largely to the rise of other job search methods like careers websites, referrals and social media.

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