Stop justifying your unwillingness to change


Aspiration or frustration drives you to seek advice. But you end up rejecting advice in favor of staying the same.

How to weasel out of change:

You’re frustrated when others do it. Maybe you’re a weasel, too.

#1. Weasel out of change by using the “exception justification”.

Exception-thinking appears when the response to advice is, “Yes, but,” or “What about?”

If you want to stay the same, use an exception like a comforting baby blanket. Now you can keep doing the same ineffective things and feel good about it.

It’s interesting that people who seek advice use small exceptions to justify rejecting advice.

You seldom change while looking for excuses to stay the same.

#2. Weasel out of change by using the “small flaw justification”.

If you want to stay the same, discount the WHOLE truth by finding a small flaw in the advice someone gives.

Find small reasons not to change so you can justify staying the same.

Imperfect people use imperfection as an excuse to continue following an ineffective path.

#3. Weasel out of change by using the “it might fail justification”.

It’s interesting that people who are failing use the excuse, “I might fail,” to continue failing.

Failure-thinking is seen when people say, “But it might not work,” or “What if I fail?”

You might not always get what you reach for, but if you reach for nothing, you always get it.


Stop using small things as reasons to reject the whole.

Seek advice from someone you respect. Don’t judge it. Follow their advice for a week. (See: An Exercise Guaranteed to Ignite Growth in Anyone.)

Invest in yourself. Hire a coach.

Adopt an imperfect plan so you can make imperfect progress.

Find reasons something might work.

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