The No. 1 Reason For Making Bad Job Hires

Tim Sackett

A while back, I interviewed a lady that would make a great recruiter.

She was high energy, great on the phone, could source and an HR degree. She applied for the job we had open for a recruiter, and I was 100 percent positive she would have accepted the position if I would have offered it.

I didn’t.

She wasn’t a “fit.” The job she truly wanted, her “dream” job, was in straight HR, not recruiting. She was willing to recruit, but she really didn’t want to recruit. In the end, we walked away from a terrific candidate.

Poor job fit is the No. 1 reason most people fail at a job.

What makes up “job fit?”

Organizations spend so much time and resources ensuring they’re hiring the right skills, but most totally fail when it comes to organization and job fit.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not easy to determine organizational fit. Sure you can design an assessment, do peer interviewing, etc. But it always seems like a moving target, and it is.

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