The Three Things All People Who Get Promoted Have In Common

William Arruda

If you are seeking a promotion this year, consider these three things that are common to those who get promoted.

1. They go beyond meeting the qualifications.

Obviously, if you don’t meet the minimum eligibility requirements, you won’t even be considered for a promotion. But just meeting them is not enough. Why? Because there are typically countless others who can tick the boxes next to each of the job requirements. People who get promoted offer something beyond what’s required. To prepare yourself for the promotion, determine what you offer, looking for traits that sit at the intersection of these three career-building boulevards:

Valuable – what would add value to the team and the company, going well beyond what is required? For example, imagine that you are applying for a business development director role. Do you have a large contact list of potential business partners because you are the queen of networking?

Compelling – what is interesting (and perhaps not even required to do the job) to the people who are making the decision? For example, if you speak three languages, that’s interesting – even if the role only requires English.

Unique – what can you offer that other qualified candidates can’t? Identify the things that you uniquely bring to the role. What traits put you in a category of one? For example, perhaps you spent most of your career working on the client side in a highly specialized business, and you are now pursuing a role as a client relations director at your ad agency.

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